Mary, Did You Know? (three takes)

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There is a very well-known contemporary Christmas song, beloved of some but decried by others:

Mary, Did You Know?
by Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene.

It’s been covered by many artists, including the acapella group Pentatonix.

Here are three takes on the song. First, a recording of the original version, sung by Mark Lowry and others from the Gaither Vocal Band; next, a parody of the song which asserts, in fairly strong language that of course Mary knew; and finally a cartoon version which has Mary mediating between a fan of the song and someone who is less enthusiastic.

As you listen to the parody and the cartoon, keep in mind that they do not aim to express profound theology but to entertain and make us think. One doesn’t have to agree with everything to find them entertaining.

First, the original song sung by the Gaither Vocal Band:

Then, a parody by Charissa the Cyberbard:

And finally a cartoon version by LutheranSatire:

My own view is that this is a catchy earworm of a song, and that of course Mary knew at least some of these things but probably not everything down to every detail. And keep in mind that while this song addresses Mary is not about her; rather it is about Jesus, and arguments about whether Mary needed to be saved rather miss the point.

Let me know in the Facebook comments what you think of both the song itself and the two satirical take-offs.

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