About this blog

In 2016 I abandoned my personal blog in favor of Facebook, specifically its “Notes” feature, which allowed me to write longer pieces than the typical timeline post, with proper formatting. Every “note” would be linked to my timeline, allowing my friends to find it, read it, and comment on it.

In the fall of 2020 Facebook underwent a major user interface revision, and in the course of that revision abandoned the “Notes” feature. While already published notes are (for the time being) still accessible they are only accessible to me (and rather hard to find, to boot), and no new notes can be published.

Thus, in order to be able to write and publish longer pieces with proper formatting, with permanent links I can point people to, I have returned to WordPress for this blog of my notes.

I write in both German and English, although most posts will be in one language or the other depending on the subject and my guess which audience will find it most interesting. The index page will let you select all posts, or German or English only, respectively. If you really want to read a German post and don’t know German, you can always paste the URL into Google Translate.

In order to avoid all problems resulting from GDPR and similar privacy and data protection laws I do not allow comments on this blog, I have not guest book or contact form, and I don’t use cookies. All new posts will be linked to my Facebook timeline and I ask that if you want to comment, you do so there or send me an email.