Proxmox on a Raspberry Pi 5

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Until I retired four years ago I used to run a Lenovo Thinkcenter as a kind of universal server, using Proxmox as the  virtualization solution.

Proxmox is based on Debian Linux and integrates QEMU/KVM for virtual machines and LXD for containers. When I first encountered it it only ran on x86_64 machines (i.e. Intel and AMD processors), but recently support for the ARM architecture (aarch64) has been added.

So I am going to begin a project of installing it on both a Raspberry Pi 4 and a Raspberry Pi 5, primarily as an experiment and to keep my mind busy and in the game.

I will be using the tutorial, “How to Install Proxmox on the Raspberry Pi” by Emmet at the PiMyLifeUp site, an Australian project and resource site for all things Raspberry Pi, Linux, Arduino, etc.

First I need to get my Raspberry Pi up and running with an M.2 SSD in an Argon One case; I find the connectors for the ribbon cable between the Pi’s SSD port and the one on the Argon board challenging, to say the least.

I will update this post as I make progress.


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