Beware of Amazon (and other) Scams

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Because a friend just asked for advice:

Phone calls ostensibly from Amazon, asking to verify an order for an expensive gift card you supposedly ordered, are a scam, regardless of which confidential information the caller seems to have about you.

NEVER reveal information such a passwords credit card, CVV, or bank account numbers, and never send a copy of any form of ID. If the caller seemed to actually know your credit card nunber, immediately call your bank to block this card and ask them to replace it with a different card (and number), and also report this incident to the police. Also, book a support call-back from Amazon and report it to them.

NO REPUTABLE BANK OR ONLINE VENDOR will ever ask for such confidential information over the phone.

A few other popular scams:

• Calls ostensibly from Microsoft support. Microsoft makes NO unsolicited phone calls to customers.

• E-mails claiming to be from a friend or acquaintance who’s in major difficulties and immediately needs a large sum of money in cash.

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