“Diversity and Inclusion” — a Biblical Value?

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I find it somewhat disturbing when leaders of heretofore biblically orthodox Christian organizations list diversity and inclusion among the aspects under which they plan “our future together”.

I have nothing against diversity or against inclusion; properly understood these terms can be expressive of biblical principles; but in this particular combination the phrase has become a buzzword for all manner of unbiblical ideas, such as erasing legitimate distinctions between men and women as well as between appropriate and inappropriate sexual inclinations, and making group identity the primary focus when looking at human beings.

We have in the past seen Christian groups, even whole denominations, slide into theological revisionism and even outright heresy, and this process usually started when they adopte cool-sounding values and ideas of the world around us.

This should seriously give us pause.

(I am intentionally not mentioning any specific organizations as I think this concern applies cross the board. The temptation to curry favour with the world by adopting its buzzwords is one all of us face.)

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