Differences of Opinion don’t “have to be worked out”

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British author Ian McEwan (“Atonement”), speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, said J.K.Rowling’s views on transgender issues are not worth death threats:

“The culture seems to have forgotten how to disagree, often threatening death against figures like JK Rowling, on issues about which they could be having discussions. They have got to be worked out, yes, but are hardly worth a death threat.”

I agree of course that Rowling’s views are not worth death threats, but I strongly disagree that differences about her views “have got to be worked out.” No, they do not need to be worked out. Rather, some folks, specifically the trans lobby and their “allies” need to learn to accept, without throwing tantrums and issuing threats, that people can disagree, that people can hold different opinions.


And btw, that applies to us Christians as well …

(Screenshots: The Sunday Telegraph, Oct 9, 2022, https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/10/08/ian-mcewan-jk-rowlings-views-not-worth-death-threats/)


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