Dale Coulter on Amy Coney Barrett

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In First Things, Dale Coulter comments on the discussion about Amy Coney Barretts’ nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

I am not sure anyone is going to heed this, but these are valid thoughts.

«Amy Coney Barrett is the first charismatic Christian nominee for the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the significance of this event has been overshadowed by anti-charismatic sentiments. Many have made bigoted claims about Barrett’s relationship to the ecumenical charismatic community People of Praise. Some have said that it is a cult, or that it inspired Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.”. Bill Maher called Barrett a “f***ing nut” because “she’s really, really Catholic, like speaking in tongues.” Massimo Faggiolu declared that it’s not anti-Catholic to question Barrett’s association with People of Praise.

It is ironic that Maher thinks the association with charismatic Christianity is “really Catholic,” whereas Faggioli, a liberal Catholic theologian, thinks it’s not Catholic and thus fair game.

Criticize Barrett’s judicial record and philosophy if you wish, but leave her religion, including its charismatic dimension, alone.»

Amy Coney Barrett and Charismatic Christianity | Dale M. Coulter | First Things

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