Fake Sermon Illustrations

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I do get annoyed at preachers or Bible teachers who pull illustrations out of thin air for the spiritual points they are trying to make, or, if they have heard it from somewhere else, don’t bother to research and verify the accuracy of the illustration.

Here is an example:

A “right angle” (90 degrees) is right because it fits into the window or door frame. Becoming righteous is being reshaped to fit into God’s Kingdom …

In reality, a “right angle” is called “right” not because it fits into a window or door frame, but because it is derived from Latin “angulus rectus“, where “rectus” means upright, referring to the vertical perpendicular to a horizontal base line.

But a factual explanation of the origins of “right angle” would not have illustrated “fitting into God’s kingdom“, so he made something up.

The world already thinks we are foolish because of the cross; do we really have to confirm their poor opinion of us with such antics?


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