Passion or Vision?

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I recently had a conversation with a friend who is doing some recruiting for support positions (accountants, secretaries, building maintenance) for various “fields” of a Christian mission organization. Apparently many leaders of this organization have bought into the idea that people need to be passionate about what they are doing, and so candidates have been rejected for not having a passion for accounting, or maintenance, or office work, etc … while essential positions have remained unfilled, sometimes for years.

What happened to simply being obedient to the Great Commission, recognizing that organizations doing ministry need support staff such as accountants, maintenance people, cleaners, secretaries, etc., and therefore stepping up to do the necessary?

If the only people who cleaned toilets or took out the trash were those who have a passion for it, that would be pretty disgusting, wouldn’t it? In fact, that tends to be the stance taken by my children when they were teens, and we worked hard to convince them that some things need doing whether we are passionate about them or not.

Where is the Bible verse that says, “If you are passionate about it, go into all the world …” ??

Do we seriously suggest bailing out of marriages, or out of parenthood, or out of taking care of our old parents, when the passion wears off?

What is your take on this?

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